***Some advice about applying for a staff position***

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***Some advice about applying for a staff position***

Post by Schtooping on Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:30 pm

Hello Applicants!

I wanted to take a moment and talk a little about applications and give some pointers on how to apply for a staff position on Kings and Empires. Yes this server is new but we have very high expectations for staff on this server. We intend to grow and change and we want great staff that wants to grow and change with us.  

First of all make sure you are a member BEFORE you apply! You can find instructions on our website: Join Us!

Your application is normally the first time we really get to meet you and learn about you so try to include as much detail as possible without going overboard. Sell yourself to us, include personal detail and things that make you unique and different from others applying.

(NOTE: Personal detail doesn’t mean IRL names/contact details)

It is true that we prefer detailed applications, however make sure that you don’t write a giant paragraph for one question and leave others with just 1 or 2 lines. Try to spread out your information and include an appropriate amount of detail in all questions.

The first thing we see when we open an application is the presentation, it really matters. Make sure to use the same size font and font style throughout. We know that colors are exciting but posting your application in rainbow colors is really hard to read. We prefer the use of black font and bolding only the questions not the answers. This is easy on the eyes and will look more professional in the end.

We understand that English is not the first language of some applicants but please try to spell check your application and make sure all sentences make sense.

Please do not lie on your application, if we find out that you did lie it will lead to instant denial and you could be permanently blacklisted from applying for staff. Also don't try to conceal infractions on the from us, be honest about them. We don’t instantly deny people for having infractions on the server if they are honest and can prove they have matured since then. We background check all applicants and if you fail to tell us about infractions on the server it could mean denial.

Most staff members will start as a helper. If you want to be staff so you can fly around and impress people with your special skills then you are not gonna fit as a staff member here. You will only be able to use your staff abilities when you are logged in on a staff shift or working on a pre-approved server project. Staff position are really for people who love servers and want to learn more about them and help other players. Being a staff member is a tough and thankless job. If you you are on this server to play then play and enjoy yourself.

Just some pointers. How this helps you understand things a bit. See you on the server!

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